An Extract From - Dollars & Diamonds By Paris Jean

I had not seen Bobette for a few days, so I decided to go and pay her a surprise visit. And being as it was such a nice day, I knew that China would certainly welcome a sunny day out. And it was good that we didn’t have long to wait before an open - top bus was to appear.

‘Perfect’ I thought , so whilst waiting in the queue I now began to picture China and myself on the soon - to - be luxury ride whilst a group of Japanese tourists in front of us excitedly rushed on with their state - of - the - art mega zoom cameras.

“That will be £8” beamed the driver.

“What! That’s expensive to just go to the Marina” I gasped.

“Not when it’s for people that want to have the luxury of wind blowing through their hair, so if you want that, then you’re going to have to pay extra” snapped the ‘ hurry up, this drive is boring enough without you now giving me grief driver.’

“Well, I’m definitely one of those, so count me in” I gleamed.

The driver sighed whilst nodding his head as he took my money and gave me the VIP ticket. China then gave him a warning growl… The driver grinned at China’s efforts and muttered

“Yeh, Right” under his breath.

“C’mon Chi, take no notice of the grumpy man” I told my protective bag with a heartbeat as I kissed his little designer head.

The Japs had hogged all of the front seats, so we settled for a private back one. I then made myself comfy, lit a cigarette and sat back to people watch, and amongst the many streams of people, there were even more Japanese tourists. I carried on to watch this souvenir - obsessed race as one of them began to take a photo of a tree. I then watched in amazement as another one of them excitedly gathered a group of his very - willing friends to stand in front of the tree so that the thrilled photographer could take a group picture. But my biggest amusement of the day was when a seagull suddenly landed on the seat next to me. 

“ Hi there, my little sea urchin” I whispered to the feathered passenger who was now greedily eyeing up the fish salad that I had bought before catching the bus, which I was now about to tuck into.

“Well, you’re a health conscious one” I said to the well-mannered gull, as his eyes stayed locked on to my hand as he remained not moving a feather whilst he just sat watching motionless.

As our journey continued, he remained to be motionless and behave like a stuffed toy whilst being transfixed. I ignored him and carried on with my lunch. That was until I made a start on my fish. Then all hell broke loose, because with a flapping of wings and a long yellow beak rudely opening, the now not so angelic looking bird began to plead for my fish just like a chick would do to its parent bird when wanting to be fed.

“My you’re spoilt” I told the no longer polite acting gull. But I am not one to deny anyone of a bite to eat, so I couldn’t help but honour its wishes. So holding out my tray of food like it was his plate, I allowed the rude gull to help itself.

“Sorry I don’t have any salt and pepper for you”. I told the food thief. Whilst the cheeky bird continued with its feast I couldn’t help but notice its unusual marking, for it had a bright red circle on its beak. I didn’t know if it was a birth defect or what, but it certainly did stand out.

I continued to watch as it selfishly kept on tucking into my lunch with not a single thought to even leave me a cherry tomato, it ate everything, even the lettuce, and then saving the best till last, the cheeky bird then grabbed the whole fish with one snatch and took off. China suddenly sat up to watch as the naughty bird now began to hover in a circle. Then using the back of the bus for the start of its runway, it began to wildly flap it’s wings, and then with wings down and in the right gear, the naughty gull then flew the length of the bus at full speed, and in the process sent many a startled passenger to duck out of its way. Then as it approached the Japs, it made a point of dropping some shit on them as if to say ‘ here’s a souvenir for you’

I couldn’t help but beak into a laugh for the Japs did not thank the gull for its gift, but instead screamed and hollowed in a language that only they could understand.

We had now arrived at the Marina, so I quickly jumped off. The walk to Bobettes from the bus stop was not far, so I was soon pressing her buzzer and keeping all fingers crossed that she was in.

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